The Fraternity


The Fraternity was a group of super villains operating primarily in North America in the 1980s and early 1990s.


In 1984, scientific genius Alan Hampshire gathered a group of friends and colleagues and proposed that they used technological means to give themselves super-human abilities and use those abilities to make themselves rich. The others agreed, with various levels of enthusiasm, and so the Fraternity was born.

Initially they were very successful and pulled off several daring bank raids and other heists without being caught of their identities discovered. Even after being thwarted by the Defense League of America on several occasions, they were well-prepared enough to evade capture and continue their crime spree. In their civilian guises they were soon wealthy enough that they could easily have retired and lived in comfort for the rest of their lives, but by this point greed and a craving for excitement had taken over, and they continued their lives of crime.

They were eventually stopped not by the forces of law and order but by the Event which stripped them of their powers. A powerless Firebrand was shot dead by police, and the others fled into hiding. Eventually settling in an isolated house in the woods of Minnesota, they hid for 20 years before circumstances caught up with them in September 2014, resulting in the deaths of Fanatic, Fleetfoot and Fistfighter, and in Freebird being locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane.