Timeline: 2014


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Sara, James, Jerome, Fred, Chi-Yun and Don meet in Los Angeles while pursued by K-Men. Spirit monitors their activities, but only Don is aware of this.


Sara, James, Jerome, Fred, Chi-Yun and Don travel to Luey's garage and apprehend some escaped convicts. The K-Men continue to search Los Angeles and the surrounding area, monitored and opposed by Spirit.

Later, Sara, James, Jerome, and Chi-Yun camp in a cabin in the woods, where they meet the "Wild Boy" as well as Ranger Marc Carter and Mike Doyle.

Fred and Don return to Los Angeles to convince detective Alan Grady to drop Fred as a murder suspect.

In San Francisco, Frank and Carla Marks are searching for the missing Alex Moon.


Paul Smithsteen first manifests his Harry personality.

Don and Fred rejoin Sara, James, Harry and Chi-Yun. Together they save the "Wild Boy" from Mike Doyle.


Sara, James, Jerome, Chi-Yun, Fred and Don meet Carla and Frank Marks in San Francisco and investigate the Temple of Unity, encountering Brother Thomas and Faith for the first time.


James, Harry, Chi-Yun, Fred and Don rescue Sara, who has been kidnapped by the Temple of Unity in San Francisco.

Parsifal visits Brother Thomas and Faith in San Francisco.


James, Harry, Chi-Yun, Fred, Sara and Don travel to Sylvia Roth's beach house outside Seattle.

In Vancouver, Canada, baby Gemma Webster is kidnapped.


Sara is seen by Monsieur Jacques' men.


Monsieur Jacques' men attempt to kidnap Sara. Jerome is seriously injured in the fight.

Spirit leaves her headquarters in order to search for Parsifal.

The Hacker working at K-Men headquarters sets up a trap for Don Newman.

Don fights K-Men and splits off from the team he has been leading.

Fred, Sara, Jerome, James and Chi-Yun arrive at a Hailey hotel, Vancouver.


Fred, Sara, Jerome, James and Chi-Yun investigate the disappearance of Gemma Webster.

Paul Smithsteen first manifests his Jesse personality.


Fred, Sara, Jesse, James and Chi-Yun leave Vancouver.


Fred, Sara, Paul, James and Chi-Yun stop a robbery in Calgary, Canada.