The Los Angeles Globe


The Globe is a major metropolitan newspaper, based in the city of Los Angeles.


The Globe was founded in 1916 and has been in continuous publication since then. It has gained a reputation as an outstanding home of investigative journalism.

The Globe received a circulation boost in the late 1980s when it broke several key stories involving the super-hero group known as Strikeforce, thanks mainly to the efforts of Pulitzer-winning journalist Penelope ("Penny") Lane and photographer Jonathan Brighter, under the direction of veteran editor Percy Black.

In the early 21st century, the Globe was struggling to maintain circulation in the face of competition from broadcast and on-line news sources. The failing paper was acquired by the Brighter Media Group conglomerate, which promptly installed former journalist Penelope Lane (now Lane-Brighter) as managing editor. Lane-Brighter almost single-handedly turned the paper around, increasing paid circulation as well as making the Globe web site one of the most respected on-line news outlets.