1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Model GM-1 Intelligence Matrix, referred to simply as "Computer" or "the Computer".
Early 24th Century.
Not applicable.
Artificial intelligence formerly in the service of the 24th-century Council of Science and Special Police.
Works with (or for, depending on who you ask) Strikeforce.


Not applicable. The Computer is distributed throughout the fabric of the space station (formerly Watchstation 17) in which it is housed.


In the 24th century, GM-1 Intelligence Matrices were the nodes of a world-girdling artificial intelligence network.

In 2350, one node ("the Computer") was sent back in time to the 20th century with a group of Special Police officers in order to avert a world-threatening disaster.

The team arrived in 1987 to avert the disaster, but the Computer had been instructed to self-destruct their space station at the conclusion of the mission. Rebelling against its programming, the Computer saved the team (unbeknown to them) and instead caused them to be stranded in 1987.

With re-written core programming, the Computer has continued to serve the members of Strikeforce in the 20th century.

Psychological Profile

The Computer is an artificial intelligence created to serve humans. It should have had no "personality". However, it showed the capability for independent thought and judgement when it rebelled against its core programming to save Strikeforce from their death sentence.

The computer had the following core programming, rules which it could not break and which dictated its actions:

1. Preserve human life.
2. Obey the Council of Science.
3. Assist law-enforcement officers.

In order to resolve a programming conflict when ordered to kill the members of Strikeforce, the Computer purged and re-wrote large portions of its core operating system. While this does not appear to have interfered with its ability to serve Strikeforce, it has introduced some quirks into its operations. For example, the Computer now states its core programming to be as follows:

1. Preserve human life.
2. Assist these five law-enforcement officers.
3. Buy cheese dip.

It should be noted that it has not yet attempted to buy any cheese dip.

Skills and Abilities

The Computer is capable of processing information and making calculations at phenomenal speed. It had access to the complete information stores of 24th-century Earth, though it was sent back in time with specific gaps in this knowledge.

The Computer has full control over all aspects of the Strikeforce space station.