1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Nicola Jane Eldridge.
23 August 1966; St. Louis, Missouri.
None named.
Former criminal, later DICE agent.
Formerly the Anarchists, later the DICE Super Squad.


A slim, blonde-haired woman. As Fury she wore a blue-and-white costume with a face mask and a short cape.

Height: 5'6" (168cm); Weight: 110lbs (50kg)


Nicola's parents were career-focussed professionals who had little time to spend caring for an un-planned child. She had a comfortable home life but little emotional support from her parents, who were more concerned with pushing her through school and on to college. Nicola studied hard in order to make them proud, and gained entry to a prestigious college in 1985.

College life away from home did not suit her. She fell in with a group of wild friends, and spent more time partying than studying. Barely scraping through to her sophomore year, she dropped out entirely and her lifestyle grew even wilder. It was perhaps fortunate for her in the long run that the police raided a party she was at and arrested her for possession of drugs. Her parents were appalled and give her no support as she began a six-month prison term in March of 1987.

During that last party, while under the influence of narcotics, Nicola's mutant powers first emerged. Though no one realised it was her doing, she manifested a huge blizzard centring on her location. Afterwards, she intuitively realised she had caused this, but the authorities never found out. She secretly tested her power while in prison and discovered she had control over the forces of nature.

Nicola considered using her power to escape from prison. Before she could, she was contacted by another prisoner who dissuaded her. This woman, a minor cog in the Anarchist organisation, had discovered Nicola practicing her powers and realised that the girl would be a useful member of the Anarchists. She convinced Nicola to bide her time, promising that her friends on the outside would be able to help her on her release.

In September 1987, Nicola was released. It seemed the natural thing for her to drift into the Anarchists. She soon found, as many others had, that it was difficult to part company with that group after becoming involved with them. Nicola may have been a wild child, but she was a good person at heart, and she realised that the Anarchists were not exactly the sort of group she wanted to remain involved with. Nevertheless, she had few options open to her. Her mutant ability was her only skill and she was penniless. The Anarchists were all she had.

Nicola was given the code-name Fury. She designed a costume for herself and began training to use her powers in combat. She actually worked very little with the other super villains that worked for the Anarchists. At that time, the Anarchists were suffering some serious set backs in the United States, caused by Strikeforce and the Defense League of America as well as DICE. In February of 1988, Skyrider, an important agent who knew many Anarchist secrets, defected to the side of the law. Fury was sent along with the Tracker and the second Greywolf to stop him. They faced Strikeforce, who were trying to help Skyrider. The three Anarchists were outclassed by the heroes and easily captured.

Sitting in a DICE holding cell, Fury was visited by Major Democracy of Strikeforce. At that time he entertained the notion that it was better to talk to villains than imprison them. Though he had gained a negative response from Tracker and Greywolf, he persevered. In Fury, he discovered a young girl who was not really evil. His words obviously impressed and heartened her. When charges against her were dropped, she resolved to have nothing more to do with crime.

For a brief period, prompted by Major Democracy, she used her powers to become a "weather consultant" for airports. This basically involved her moderating storm and fog conditions to make airports safer. For a short while, she became a popular media sensation. Her actual usefulness was doubtful, for her powers could not affect large areas for long periods, but she was good for publicity for whichever airport employed her. Eventually the media attention died down, but during the four months she undertook this work she made a considerable amount of money.

In July of 1988, Fury was contacted by DICE. They were putting together a group of super-powered agents who would be able to handle super-powered threats without the need to call in outside help from groups such as the Strikeforce and the Defense League, and offered Fury a place in the group. Fury herself was not convinced she was secret agent material. She was, however, intrigued by the proposal and agreed to a trial training period. This turned into a full-time occupation.

In her time with the DICE Super Squad, Fury faced many menaces, including her old allies from the Anarchists. Despite her past, she was highly trusted within DICE. She was well-liked and respected by her companions. As the Super Squad had its home base near Los Angeles, she lived in her civilian identity in a modest beach-front home in Long Beach. Though not wealthy, she supplemented her DICE pay with her invested earnings from her airport work, allowing her to live quite comfortably. As she spent long periods on missions away from home, and was unable to talk about her work, she remained something of an enigma to her neighbours. All of her close friends were fellow DICE agents and Super Squad members.

After the Event stripped her powers, Nicola remained with DICE for a brief period, but soon became dissatisfied with the role she was given. Quitting the agency, she moved to the opposite side of the country to try to make a new life for herself, settling eventually in Miami, Florida. Her DICE background was sufficient to get her a job in security at Miami International Airport, where she eventually rose to become head of security for the entire airport.

Psychological Profile

Nicola put her past problems behind her and became a well-balanced, confident, cheerful and friendly person. As a member of the Super Squad she was perhaps the most stable personality in that mixed bunch and often found herself as a mediator in arguments when egos ran high. Fury was completely loyal to the DICE organisation, and grateful for the respect and trust she was granted.

She was courageous, conscientious, and had quick wits and a sharp, analytical mind.

Skills and Abilities

Fury had the power to manipulate all natural weather phenomena at will. She could not affect weather on a massive scale (not consciously, but when her powers first appeared she apparently manifested a vast blizzard), but she could cause powerful effects on a localised scale. The actual area over which she could create weather effects varied and was dependent on the degree of the effect she wished, but typically not more than a few hundred metres at peak power.

Within her area of effect she had total control over the weather, to the extent of violating all natural laws. She could cause snow to fall over Death Valley, hurricane winds to spring up indoors, and rain to fall from a cloudless sky.

Some specific uses of her power included manipulating wind to propel her through the air at speeds exceeding 100 kilometres per hour, or to hurl other people through the air with devastating effects. She could surround herself with a tornado-like barrier of wind powerful enough to protect her from physical blows and deflect bullets. She could create a small but dense fog bank. She could can project a powerful lightning bolt, even in the absence of storm conditions, and control its strength precisely enough to merely stun a man or to demolish a wall.

Fury received martial arts and firearms training from DICE but avoided direct hand-to-hand combat, relying instead on her powers. She never carried a gun until required to by her job in airport security.