Alternate Timelines and Parallel Universes

The Heroes Universe spans multiple parallel universes and divergent timelines, each of which have their own unique histories. This overview summaries the different realities, identified by their point of divergence from the Primary Universe.

Note: an argument could be made that Strikeforce arriving in 1987 changed history and caused everything from that point on to be an alternate timeline. For simplicity, we assume this is in fact the Primary timeline.

Dimension W Invasion

In a divergent timeline caused by the time-travelling actions of Strikeforce, an invasion force from Dimension W crossed to our universe and conquered the Earth. This timeline was wrapped into a pocket dimension by the Silver Sentinel to preserve it after the paradox which created it was resolved. See: the Strikeforce story; 2351 alternate timeline.

Gemini's Universe

A parallel universe in which a different team was sent back in time and called themselves Strikeforce in 1987. Details of this universe are yet to be revealed.