Friday 26 September 2014

Two More Slasher Deaths

Two killings in Los Angeles yesterday may have been the work of a vicious serial killer who first struck almost two weeks ago.

The victims have been named as Dr Tom Dought, a 45 year old orthodontist, and Alan Ryan, a 33 year old accountant.

According to details released by the police department, both men were killed in their offices between the hours of seven and seven-thirty yesterday evening. Both men had offices in downtown Los Angeles and both had been working outside normal office hours. Dought was discovered by his wife when she arrived to drive him home at 7:30pm. Ryan was discovered early this morning by cleaning staff.

The coroner's preliminary report states that in both cases the cause of death was blood loss caused by slashing wounds to the throat. Police are withholding further details. It is understood that they are looking for a single attacker, possibly the same attacker involved in last week's unsolved murders.

The deaths of Dr Steven Hammer and Andrew Wallis on the 14th closely parallel yesterday's murders. In each case two unconnected, white, professional men were murdered while working late in their offices. The proximity and timing of the attacks in each case make it possible that a single attacker might have caused both murders.

Arctic Station Attacked

A Russian research station deep inside the Arctic Circle has been attacked by a group of armed women. The women are thought to be part of the militant Russian left-wing feminist group Vostokya (Daughters of The East).

Mayday messages were sent from the Russian drift station SP-51 late yesterday and picked up by the icebreaker USS Medea. The Medea's crew attempted to reach SP-51 by helicopter but were defeated by severe blizzard conditions in the Greenland Sea. Before communications were lost, SP-51 reported that they were under attack from several uniformed women. The defenceless scientists were fired upon with automatic weapons.

The current status of the SP-51 station is unknown. Military forces from both Russia and the United States are mounting rescue attempts.

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