Tuesday 23 September 2014

"Alien Abduction" Baby Returned

The Mounties always get their man, or in this case their baby, as mother Eileen Webster was reunited with baby daughter Gemma yesterday.

Police are withholding full details, but it is known that criminal charges of kidnapping, smuggling, and conspiracy have been filed against three individuals, Hank Phillips, Jose Ramos, and Tomas Banner.

In a press conference, Commissioner Chartrand praised his officers for an outstanding operation involving text-book police work. Sergeant George Deiten discovered a link between the Webster kidnapping and Phillips, a barman at the Troll Club in downtown Vancouver. A link was established with Ramos, a man already under suspicion of drug smuggling. The baby was discovered by members of the Special Operations Division and Ramos was taken into custody. Phillips and Banner were picked up later. All three men are now in custody.

It is believed that a Mexican woman was also questioned but subsequently released.

Phillips and Banner are believed to be well connected with the Vancouver underworld and Chartrand was confident that more arrests would follow.

It is thought that Phillips arranged the kidnapping of baby Gemma and delivered her to Ramos as payment for a drug shipment. Ramos intended to sail immediately with the baby but was delayed by red tape, giving police time to put their case together. Significant quantities of Troll Dust and other substances were found on Ramos's boat, the Blue Lady, and matched to packets found in Banner's possession. Police would not speculate on the source of the shipment or the eventual destination of the baby.

The Troll Club remains open for business as usual. Marvin Ford, general manager of the club, was questioned but released earlier this morning.

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