Fallen Star (II)

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Benjy Chenoby
2331, Siberian Region.
Resistance fighter.
Viper (II), Killervolt (II), Karl Zod (III), Rebecca, Serval (II), Centurion (II), Fennec (II).


Fallen Star's main distinguishing feature was her height of 7'4" (223cm).


In an alternate variant of the 24th century, the Earth had been invaded by aliens from Dimension W. Humanity had been decimated, with the survivors living in appalling conditions, many in forced labour camps.

Benjy Chenoby was born in a work camp in the Siberian region. The radiation from the mines her parents worked in mutated her genes to make her taller, stronger and faster than any of her fellow workers. She used her physical abilities to help her fellow humans wherever she could, becoming something of a legend among them and a target for the overseers.

When she had grown too fast and too strong to control, she was marked for termination. She fled the work camp, joining up with the organised resistance and eventually making her way to the resistance group organised by Karl Zod in the North American region.

When Strikeforce travelled from the past and encountered Zod's group, she disobeyed her leader in order to help them in their battle against the invaders.

Psychological Profile

Fallen Star was courageous and selfless, used to thinking for herself and having little trust in authority figures.

Skills and Abilities

Fallen Star could run at several times the speed of a normal human, easily exceeding 200 kilometres per hour. Her reaction time was similarly enhanced. She possessed superhuman strength, sufficient to lift approximately one ton of weight. She was an excellent hand-to-hand fighter.