Karl Zod (III)

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Karl Zod
31 October 2301, North American Region.
Not recorded.
None recorded.
Resistance leader.
Kilervolt (II), Fallen Star (II), Viper (II), Rebecca, Serval (II), Centurion (II), Fennec (II).


Height 5'6" (168cm); Weight 114lbs (52kg); greying hair.


Karl Zod was a brilliant young student of physics when the Earth was invaded by aliens from Dimension W. Humanity was decimated, with the survivors living in appalling conditions, many in forced labour camps.

Scientists were a particular target for extermination, but Zod was smuggled out of the camp where he was being held before he could be identified. He spent several years drifting among the few free-human settlements before joining up with some super-powered individuals who were organising an active resistance.

Zod's natural intellect soon put him in a position of authority, and he headed one of the main resistance cells near New Pittsburgh.

Zod's cell was responsible for unearthing evidence that Strikeforce would time travel to the 24th century, and Zod arranged to have them met and guided to safety.

Zod would soon clash with Strikeforce over what they saw as his over-cautious stance, and they ignored his advice in order to confront the Warscout from Dimension W directly.

What happened to Zod after Strikeforce defeated the Warscout is not recorded.

Psychological Profile

Karl Zod was sharply intelligent and devoted his intelligence to helping humanity against the invaders. He was respected by the fighters who followed him, who trusted his intellect and had great faith in his planning ability. As the years passed with no sight of a path to victory, however, he became more cautious, to the point where he would barely authorise any activity against the invaders. This lost him much of the respect he had originally earned from his followers.

Skills and Abilities

Karl Zod possessed one of the greatest human minds of the 24th century. In another reality he would have made great scientific breakthroughs, but the lack of such opportunities on the occupied Earth led him to direct his intellect towards more practical ends, making him a great strategist and logistical planner.