Killervolt (II)

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Full Name
Unknown (24th Century).
Resistance fighter.
Viper (II), Fallen Star (II), Karl Zod (III), Rebecca, Serval (II), Centurion (II), Fennec (II).


Human male, average height and build.

The Killervolt armour is a metallic bronze colour and fully encases the wearer.


In an alternate variant of the 24th century, the Earth had been invaded by aliens from Dimension W. Humanity had been decimated, with the survivors living in appalling conditions, many in forced labour camps.

One man decided to take a stand against the invaders, and assembled an armoured battlesuit from scavenged alien technology. Calling himself Killervolt, he soon joined up with like-minded individuals who were using their powers to fight the invaders.

Note: it is not known whether this man was the literal counterpart of the Killervolt who was a villain in the 24th century in the "standard" timeline, as his true name has not been recorded. The suits were externally similar, sufficiently so for Strikeforce to identify this Killervolt and assume he was the villain they had previously known, but the methods and circumstances of their construction were completely different.

Psychological Profile

Killervolt was a freedom fighter committed to aiding humanity.

Skills and Abilities

Killervolt had no natural super-human abilities. His powers were contained within the armoured battlesuit he wore.

The suit was impervious to small-arms fire, and fully insulated against electricity.

The suit's primary offensive capability was the projection of high-power electric bolts.

The suit could fly at an unspecified speed.

Killervolt was a skilled technician, familiar with a range of human and alien 24th-century technology.