Wild Boy

  1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities

Biographical Details

Real Name
Peter Carter.
14 May 2006; California.
Known Relatives
Marc Carter, father.
Known Associates
Base of Operations
The forests around Bakersfield, California.


Height 4'10" (150cm); Weight 150lbs (68kg).

Although the height of a pre-teen boy, Peter Carter is much broader and bulkier than normal. His entire body is covered in shaggy hair, giving him an appearance more like a small bear than a human. He does not wear clothes.


Peter was born in 2006, and it soon became obvious to his father that he was not developing normally, having an animalistic aspect, super-human strength, and limited intelligence. Marc Carter began keeping his son away from all human contact, eventually letting him freely roam the forest alone, though always under Carter's discrete supervision.

In 2014, government agencies charged with rounding up super-humans took an interest in Peter Carter. With the help of Don Newman and his associates, Marc Carter managed to keep his son out of their hands.

Psychological Profile

Peter has limited intelligence. He is peaceful, gentle, and extremely timid.

Skills and Abilities

Peter has an unknown degree of superhuman strength and toughness.

His hairy hide protects him from the elements, so that he is comfortable outside regardless of the season.

He appears to have a good knowledge of the woods he lives in and has all the necessary skills for survival.