2.45 Billion Years Ago

Key Events

After a conflict lasting millions of years, the pan-galactic empires of the Alars and the Squaxx are near exhaustion. In a final bid to end the war, the Alars conceive a weapon powerful enough to destroy entire star systems. This Doomsday Weapon is constructed on what they see as an insignificant world orbiting an insignificant star in one of the galaxy's spiral arms: the planet Earth.

The construction precipitates the extinction-level event on Earth known as the Oxygen Catastrophe, during which the proto-lifeforms on Earth are wiped out but are replaced with the more complex forms of life that will eventually lead to human beings.

The Alars unleash the Doomsday Weapon on the home galaxy of the Squaxx, destroying millions of star systems. The energies involved are so great that the target galaxy literally splits in two, becoming the pair of dwarf galaxies now known as the Magellanic Clouds. The after-effects of the weapon also include the formation of multiple x-ray sources in both Magellanic Clouds and in the Milky Way, including the x-ray source Cygnus X-1 which forms a bridge with Dimension W.

The war is effectively over as soon as the weapon is used, and the Squaxx race is virtually annihilated.