Resistance Camp


24th century (alternate timeline).


Near the city of New Pittsburgh, across the Allegheny river which marks the northern boundary of the city.


In a hilly region on the north bank of the Allegheny river lies a small, dried watercourse that forms a valley ending in a loose jumble of rocks. These apparent rocks are a holographic cover for the entrance to the underground resistance base. Beyond the entrance is a chamber the size of a small gymnasium hall, hollowed out of the hillside and braced with steel columns and plates. This leads to a much larger complex of corridors and rooms housing an unknown number of people. The main chamber stores vehicles and equipment. The other rooms are used as sleeping quarters and various other communal rooms.


The underground base has been used by Karl Zod's band of human resistance fighters for several years. Although its existence is known to the human population of Earth, its location is a closely guarded secret. The Warscout is also aware of its existence though not its location.