New Pittsburgh (II)


24th century (alternate timeline).


North American Region.


Once a modern high-rise city of 4.6 million inhabitiants, New Pittsburgh is now a deserted city of cracked and crumbling concrete and abandoned buildings. The only activity is that of patrolling robots, who search endlessly for signs of human resistance. The rivers which mark its boundaries are mostly dried-up courses of scummy, sluggish water, the banks covered in stinking mud. The surrounding countryside is a barren dustbowl.


New Pittsburgh is built on the site of the original American city of Pittsburgh, founded in 1758. In 2309 Pittsburgh, then a crumbling and depressed slum of three million people, was completely annihilated by a terrorist weapon of mass destruction.

The World Government dedicated massive effort to rebuilding the city, using the opportunity to bring about a long-held desire to consolidate the disparate university campuses of North America onto a single site. The foundations of the first new buildings were laid, with great ceremony, in 2314, and the new city was officially "opened" in 2319, though construction continued over the following years. It soon became one of the wealthiest and most desirable locations in the entire North American Region.

When aliens from Dimension W invaded the Earth, New Pittsburgh was targeted for "cleansing" and virtually all inhabitants were either killed or forcibly relocated to work camps.

When a human resistance group led by Karl Zod learned that Strikeforce were due to arrive in New Pittsburgh, they set up a camp in the hills a few miles to the north of the city.


Notable Occupants