1. Biographical Details
  2. Description
  3. History
  4. Psychological Profile
  5. Skills and Abilities
  6. Equipment

Biographical Details

Full Name
Richard Rogers.
January 4, 2322. Due to time travelling, this date bore no relationship to his chronological age. His civilian identity had a date of birth of January 4, 1958.
Irene Shaw (Image), wife. Bruce, son. Alison, daughter. Sylvia, daughter.
Research scientist and former officer of the 24th century Special Police.
Member of Strikeforce (II).


Height 5'11" (180cm). Weight 304lbs (138kg). Blonde hair, brown eyes.


Gemini comes from an alternate timeline, in which history diverged from the universe inhabited by Strikeforce. The point of divergence appears to be in the 24th century, when a team was picked to go back in time. In the main Strikeforce universe, the team consisted of Avatar, Black Swan, Electron, Nightflyer and Scorpio. In Gemini's universe, he was selected, along with Image, Littlejohn, Hammer and Lotus. This universe is designated "Universe (II)", though often called simply "Gemini's Universe" by Strikeforce after they discovered its existence.

In both universes, Richard Rogers was a brilliant student who became one of the world's greatest authorities in the fields of teleport technology and energy sources. He did much work on improving the world teleport net while still at university. Later, he devoted time to perfecting small personal teleport devices.

Rogers was working on a dangerous design for a small, long range teleportation device. The Council of Science had already rejected the design as too dangerous for use. Rogers was continuing development with private funding, helped only by Charles Downes, an old friend and rival from college.

In the spring of 2348, Rogers and Downes were prepared to test their device. There was a tragic accident and Downes vanished, teleported out of existence. Or so it seemed. A public enquiry was convened, at which Rogers was accused of criminal negligence. During the hearing, he began to experience strange thoughts and voices. At the same time, he became aware of a great increase in body weight (though he grew no larger) and he gained new powers. Soon, he came to a frightening conclusion, that in some fashion the essence of Downes had become a part of him. He now had the strength, speed and stamina of, literally, two men.

Rogers may have gone insane at that point, had he not found a new purpose in life. The hearing found him incompetent to practice science, so he applied for a position on the Special Police force. His abilities gained him entry into the force. He designed a suit of lightweight armour for himself, incorporating a flight unit and short range teleportation device. From mid-2349 to mid-2350, he served as a steady and efficient officer, mainly in the European Continental Region. He took the code name "Gemini".

In 2350, Gemini was sent back to the 20th century of his alternate universe, leading the group of Special Police officers that came to call themselves Strikeforce. They fought and defeated the menace known as the Warscout from Dimension W but found themselves stranded in the past.

From then on, the Strikeforce (II) story parallels that of Strikeforce in Universe One in many respects. Gemini made his new home in Los Angeles and became a well known and respected figure in the United States. He devoted much of his time to developing devices to aid Strikeforce, including improved teleport systems. After Strikeforce met Carla Zod and her father, he worked closely with her, especially on the problems of time travel.

Rogers, with forged credentials, created a civilian identity and gained a job as a research assistant. Despite his vast scientific knowledge, he was very careful not to release it, fully realising the implications of allowing the twentieth century access to technology from four hundred years in the future.

In time, Gemini developed an undeclared emotional attachment to his team-mate Image.

Gemini's adventures are too numerous to list. With Strikeforce, and solo, he faced many threats to the safety of the Earth, always triumphing. He met the Strikeforce of Universe (I) on three occasions. He also teamed up with a young sidekick, Kid Kirby, who eventually became a Strikeforce member.

In early 1998, the alien Brotherhood invaded the Earth. In the first few weeks of the invasion, almost two-thirds of the population died. Gemini and Strikeforce led the Earth's heroes in constant battle against the invaders, failing again and again to defeat them. Finally, a desperate mission to the heart of the Brotherhood's citadel uncovered the key to the alien's defeat. Kid Kirby and another team-mate, Kobra, sacrificed their lives to allow Gemini to escape with this information. Gemini led Strikeforce, joined by the mercenary Kevlar, to an alternate universe where they sought the tools they needed to free their world. After many adventures, and with the help of Centurion of that universe's Strikeforce, they returned home for a showdown with the Brotherhood. Several Strikeforce members died that day and though the Earth was freed Strikeforce never again fought together.

Gemini retired from adventuring and devoted his life to science, helping to create a new utopian society for his world. He married Image and they live peacefully in retirement with their son and twin daughters.

Psychological Profile

Rogers was haunted for many years by the guilt of the death of his friend Downes. He was in no way directly responsible, but he believed that he could have prevented the accident. Privately, he was prone to bouts of depression and self-recrimination, though as leader of Strikeforce he could not afford to let this show.

In combat or on missions as Gemini, he was competent, efficient and quick thinking. Gemini could be called the backbone of the team.

Since travelling to 1987, Gemini had taken a strong moralistic stance and strove especially hard to fight for liberty and justice, as he saw them. He had become very much an idealist.

Skills and Abilities

In some way never properly explained, Rogers found himself possessing double the speed and strength of a normal man, with a corresponding increase in stamina and resistance to injury. His mass was 50% greater than normal for a man of his build. In his prime he could lift (with great effort) approximately one ton.

Due to an early passion for athletics, coupled with Special Police training, Rogers developed an impressive range of skills. His fighting ability was on a par with a world champion boxer, but for practical purposes he was superior due to his superhuman speed and strength. His gymnastic skill was also world class, while his practical reaction time was considerably above human normal.

Rogers was a brilliant scientist. Not only was he an authority on many ground-breaking theoretical subjects, he was also a leading inventor in his time.


Gemini wore a suit of lightweight armour, consisting of an advanced Kevlar derivative with stronger alloy plates protecting his torso and head. The armour was impervious to conventional small arms fire.

Gemini incorporated two advanced devices into the armour. His personal teleport unit enabled him to teleport up to three kilometres with minimal strain to his system. Antigravity devices allowed him to fly through the air silently at speeds of almost 120kph. Both of these devices were controlled cybernetically via circuitry housed in his helmet. They were powered by high density storage batteries housed in his belt, with power for several hours' flight or dozens of kilometres of teleportation.